Second year PhD student
at the University of Michigan

Hello! I am a PhD student in the Computer Science and Engineering
department at UM, focusing on human computer interaction for medical applications.
I study in the Interactive Sensing and Computing Lab under Alanson Sample.
For full CV and resume, please check my LinkedIn page.

The cool stuff

Properties of Neck Muscles

Investigating behavior of sternocleidomastoid neck muscles while individuals perform various tasks.
Luciani B.D, Desmet D.M., Alkayyali A.A., Leonardis, J.M. and Lipps D.B. (2018) Identifying the mechanical and neural properties of the sternocleidomastoid muscles. Journal of Applied Physiology. 8 Feb 2018. DOI: 10.1152/japplphysiol.00892.2017

Neuromuscular Control of Shoulder

Investigating behavior of different shoulder muscle groups while individuals perform various tasks.
Leonardis, J.M., Alkayyali A.A., & Lipps D.B. Posture-Dependent Neuromuscular Contributions to Three-Dimensional Shoulder Stability. Journal of Neurophysiology. (1st revision resubmitted 12 November 2019).

Photochromic Applications

Investigating photochromic inks for applications in human computer interaction.

Feeding Programs and Devices

Investigating ways of improving feeding programs for children with disabilities.

Research Engineer
University of Michigan

Collected and analyzed shoulder and neck muscle EMG and ultrasound image data with MATLAB and Simulink to understand effects of breast, head, and neck cancer.

Software Engineer

Automated research and manufacturing systems using RFID, LabVIEW, and weighing scales with serial communication, while improving reliability and rate of production.

Research Engineer
Wayne State University

Developed a neck endurance testing system using LabVIEW and Arduino for use on healthy individuals and those with spinal cord injuries, as well as modeling gait.

Before I was a PhD Student,
I had hobbies

I aboslutely LOVE traveling, it sparks my creativity.
I am also an avid henna artist.